Charles Dickinson

Selected Works

Science Fiction, Time Travel
Josh Winkler returns in the sequel to the time-travel classic, A Shortcut in Time. Available on Kindle and Nook.
“Reminiscent of Richard Matheson’s Somewhere in Time (Bid Time Return). A one-sitting read.”
--Frank M. Robinson
"The Widows’ Adventures is full of wit...Dickinson displays all the marks of a great writer.”
--Philadelphia Inquirer
“An elegant invention by a writer with impressive talents.”
--Philadelphia Inquirer


“The title refers to the crow stories that Ben Ladysmith...was forever telling. The crow stories are charming and touching, as is Mr. Dickinson’s novel. He has gotten hold of something special. One looks forward to following wherever it will take him.”
--Christopher Lehmann-Haupt,
The New York Times

“Charles Dickinson is certainly one of the best novelists to appear in the last few years. Crows is both highly entertaining and significantly moral fiction.”
--The Grand Rapids Press